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Methodology (Delivery Method | The Design-Build Approach | Single-Source Responsibility).

Lintel is a design-build firm and almost everything we do emerges from the “design-build” approach.

The mission—the objective—is providing clients with a “one-stop” resource when it comes to designing, engineering
and constructing facilities of almost any size.

On every project, Lintel is your sole source of accountability.

The design-build approach is increasingly standard among clients who appreciate its multiple benefits. Partnering from day-one with an experienced design-build firm that understands the complexities of the Mexican environment—and is an expert in the nation’s most dynamic industrial real estate markets—means practically no surprises; an original, early-phase budget that never needs adjusting; lower costs throughout the life of the project. Maybe best of all, our method significantly reduces your timeframe to completion.

Lintel partners with clients, as well as their representatives and consultants, from the very beginning of a project. We drive fundamental guideline development and guarantee final project functionality, evaluate alternative equipment, materials and abilities costs as well as their availability in Mexico. Lintel involvement adds value to every engineering phase.

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High-Tension Systems

Lintel offers clients high-tension 115 KV / 34.5 KV substations.

We use the most reliable equipment and technology to create the infrastructure core that supports parks and factory floors. Lintel designs adjust to required client specifications as well as those of Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission. All installed infrastructure features state-of-the-art technology for high-tension substation operations, control and monitoring.

Custom Foundations

The wide range of industrial production equipment our clients depend on meant upping our game when it came to designing and pouring custom foundations for an ever-increasing range of applications.

Solutions range from designing concrete floors to withstand press loads at different locations, providing the flexibility the industry demands, to deep-foundation construction to support press loads of up to 1000 metric tons. These foundations —in addition to complying with static and dynamic load requirements— feature isolation systems for vibration control. It means you can install high-sensitivity measuring equipment right next to equipment in operation or that is transmitting dynamic loads to the foundation.

Our expertise includes designing and building custom equipment-testing foundations, such as for energy-generating wind turbines.


Building on a half century of tilt-up technology in North America, Lintel has become both an expert and an innovator when it comes to this cast-concrete wall-construction system.

Leveraging the creativity that emerges from both architectural and structural designs, Lintel creates industrial and commercial buildings that —in addition to meeting every requirement when it comes to physical plant operations— routinely snag prizes for creative and ingenious tilt-up wall applications in concrete.
We’ve applied the system to building monuments, fencing, office buildings, security centers and every type of factory, including structures whose walls reached 75 feet tall and 12 feet thick (23 meters tall and 3.65 meters thick) .

We are proud to have developed cost-efficient systems for curved concrete wall construction, now widely acclaimed in the North American building sector.

Since 2001 and almost every year since, we have seen many of our buildings recognized with prizes from the Tilt-Up Association, in distinct categories—an industry precedent competitors will be hard-pressed to match.

Cold Water Systems

Mexican industry has evolved from simple manufacturing operations to increasingly complex production processes; they require accounting for more complex electromechanical systems. Lintel designs cold-water production systems for use in production-area conditioning as well production-equipment compatible systems including machining operations, plastics injection, stamping, controlled-humidity areas and cleanrooms for a wide range of industries.

The industry has evolved the design of cold-water systems, now leveraging higher efficiency refrigerants and expanding environmental friendliness in general. Taking advantage of cutting-edge mechanical equipment, we design ultra-high-efficiency systems that replace high-risk refrigerants like ammoniac. It leads to solutions that produce low operating and maintenance costs.

Fire-Prevention Systems

Numerous insurers, risk-analysts and authorities have been ramping up fire-prevention codes for industrial and commercial structures. It means fire-prevention system design must constantly adapt to new and stricter requirements for protecting structures.

To date, Lintelligence has led to 200 fire-prevention systems, at a full variety of structures, featuring the widest possible range of protection levels.

Our systems have been tested and certified by underwriting agencies that require designs in compliance with international standards, such as Factory Mutual, Marsh, Alliance, etc.

Clean Rooms

Constructing controlled environments and cleanrooms is a Lintel specialty.

Lintel has constructed over one million square-feet of cleanrooms —at every level, from Class 100,000 to Class 1000— now required in the manufacture of surgical instruments and electronic equipment. End-uses include catheters, laboratory and medical instruments, electronic circuits and other manufactures.

Cleanroom design involves a range of expertise that includes civil, electrical, mechanical and fire-prevention engineering. Every Lintel space is certified for its designated use.

Metallic Structures

Structural systems play a key role in industrial and commercial building construction.

Designs must be cost-efficient and reliable; execution must meet strict quality assurances. Not least of all, every possible security precaution must be taken during the construction process.

The number-one goal of Lintel engineering applied to structural system design is the building’s structural security, based on efficient steel and concrete use. It translates to lightweight, resistant structures that comply with applicable norms at the same time they support all loads that productive operations require. Lintel construction-system developments use materials produced under strict, certified protocols.

Once construction is underway, all structural elements are integrated through painstaking quality assurances that comply with all safety measures. It means the finished structure features the needed resistance and durability for any operation, at optimal cost. In addition to the final project, the process also controls —and safeguards— all material and human resources.

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