Why Lintel?

When we say we’re happy to do business with you, we mean it. Our long-standing links to big-name clients—but also to both traditional and emerging enterprises—are made up by the respect and interest we have for all our customers and partnerships. Tilt-up architecture may have become a known factor. But as you review the many design, architecture and engineering awards we’ve won, or browse our gallery of marvelous images, you’ll see we’re always pushing into uncharted waters. This at the same time we strive to add value—and values—to everything we do. If you’ve gotten this far, we’ll get right to the point, with an introduction to the way we do things—and what we do that clients love most.

Value and More

Things like acquiring property, facility-design, construction and maintenance, are all big investments that require serious planning. Lintel invented the “think-design-build” philosophy as a signature as well as a way to do projects with an almost infinite range of partners. It means when you collaborate with us, there will be a lot of conversation, a lot of diving deep when we think about what sort of design and construction best serves your business. Our introductory sessions with clients also look out for possible obstacles. Customers say almost always that the solutions we discover in tight corners bring a benefit they hadn’t expected.

Services Customers Want

One thing we practice all the time at Lintel is keeping clients—new and old—so satisfied that they come back again and again, rarely leaving us.

We hope you’ll see right away we’re absolute leaders (and sticklers) in precision and safety. Our teams are experienced in tilt-up technique, wiring and lighting, interior finishing and even furnishings. We join forces with experts to handle our signature picture-windows, the ones that bring pleasure and inspiration to the people in your organization; and that were fundamental to many of our award-winning projects. We have teams to help you reach your environmental goals. All this and much more. But we never forget that clients are coming to us for the infrastructures that will host some of their greatest economic and market successes.

Some Commitments You’ll Like

Our first is to our customers; we’re famed for fast action and delivering on-time, despite some of the gargantuan deadlines we’ve faced over the years. We believe our challenges contribute to the “Lintelligence” that distinguishes our work and our vibe from those of our competitors.

Another commitment is our absolute transparency. Honesty and dependability have allowed us to take on more and more leadership in our sector, retain clients and, importantly, personnel, or flourish even in the worst circumstances Northern and Central Mexico has known.

Remaining stalwart advocates for our customers, our partners and our people is a big part of what keeps us at the top.

So much more to see and do

We invite you to delve into a trove of specialized information that this website contains, including some notes on our long history in Ciudad Juárez, up to the present day; what industries our most satisfied customers are; dive deeper into our technology advances; read more about the quality our biggest clients discover in the collaborations we call “engineering partnerships;” see what the media thinks of us; or just browse an on-line gallery that says volumes about our work.

And when you’re ready to do your own engineering and development, we’ll be happy to hear from you and talk even more about what successes you’d like to see on the horizon.


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