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We have developed projects for multiple industries. Only Lintel brings experience, integrated teams, original solutions and intelligence to the entire life of your global construction investment.

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Lintel designs adapt to the widest range of industry components, from aluminum parts and machinery-casting to final assembly.

Infrastructure  requirements include everything from special-foundation pouring to press tunnels and conveyors (Lear, Continental, etc.); building clean-areas for final automotive components assembly in humidity and temperature-controlled environments (Preh, Pioneer, etc.); potentially simple processes like harness-manufacture (Yazaki), founding processes (Keihin) or even complex transmission (Getrag) and final-body- element assembly (Magna).

Customers: Getrag – Koito – Lear Corporation – Faurecia

Electronics / Electrical Appliances

Lintelligence supports design and construction that ranges from class-1000 (i.e., 1000 particles under 0.1 microns) cleanroom installation for electronic circuit manufacture to retrofitting existing structures for electronic-industry cleanrooms (EPSON) or high-capacity press design for refrigerator die-cutting.

Lintel designs’ high performance has led to their replication outside Mexico (e.g., Lexmark’s Philippines plant; Electrolux, Flextronics).

Our designs easily respond to industry challenges that arise from new-product market launches.

When LEXMARK created scale equipment prototypes for fusion-toner production, Lintel designed the factory floor where that machinery was to be installed and the hazardous product was to be safely manufactured. Final requirements included explosion-proof walls, blast relief as well as vessel-supporting structures for production in factory mezzanines.

Customers: Lexmark – Motorola

Food Industry

Lintel boasts extensive experience with food-industry international regulations and standards. 

It means we implement designs for manufacturing process-improvement (e.g., a curing room for Sunrise Confections; dairy-industry “tropicalization” for enhanced construction in the form of a walkable ceiling for Schreiber).

Customers: Wrigley’s


Lintel is an expert when it comes to re-engineering existing structures as well as design-building new production plants whose total manufacturing area is custom-tailored for medical products, including cleanrooms whose standards must exceed even those of operating rooms.

Lintel expertise includes OSHA-auditor-approved safety and hygiene standards.

Customers: Becton Dickinson – Johnson & Johnson

Commercial / Institutional

Lintel’s wide-ranging knowledge guarantees the proper functioning of structures that must meet special acoustic, isoptics and high security levels as part of forward-thinking architectural proposals (e.g., Cinemark, Government surveillance buildings).

Customers: Ethos – Cinemark

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