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Any contractor can do the heavy lifting…

Only Lintel adds the heavy thinking.

Engineering Partnerships the Lintelligent way.

Unlike traditional construction companies, Lintel is in the business of Engineering Partnerships.

On one level, this means partnering with clients on engineering projects. But on another, it means engineering the partnership itself. Some of our most successful Engineering Partnerships initially involve Lintel and the client, then expand to harness the talents of brokers, developers, landlords, government agencies and most especially, client employees. Our most successful clients see us as the first contact —the organizing intelligence— behind their entire overseas endeavor. A one-stop-shop for their one-of-a-kind projects.

But we always begin with you, the client. You bring us the big idea –even if there’s still some stuff that’s yet to be determined– and together with Lintel you make it happen, leveraging our experience, leadership and regional expertise. Lintel is your partner in everything from ideation and site-assessment to product roll-out and long-term sustainability.

Everyone out there is talking “design-build” and we’re glad to hear it. From the very beginning, Lintel has recognized the advantages of this integrated approach. In fact, we can’t imagine separating the two. But in today’s industrial environment, that’s still not enough. The end product is much more than bricks and mortar –and more than just a functional design.

Yes, there’s plenty of heavy lifting to do… But first there’s some heavy thinking to do.

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A Lintel Engineering Partnership means you skip the learning curve — and do the job smart from the beginning.

Every customer is different, every project unique. But that doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Lintel has been Engineering Partnerships for over 30 years, and our founders each brought more than 20 years’ previous experience to the table.

Starting in the mid-1960s, they pioneered the business of foreign industrial investment all over Mexico. Since then, Lintel has never ceased setting new standards for the entire industry, all over the world.

Our Design and Build solutions emerge from well-oiled teamwork and the knowledge that comes with it. The getting-to-know-you phase is long over. More than a randomly assembled mass of technicians, each doing his job and moving on, your Lintel team keeps its eyes on the big picture, maintaining a commitment to the entire life of the project.

Experts at the beginning of the process know the implications of what they do today. The guys further down the line know what they’re getting in advance. When problems come up, the team comes together.

A complex job like yours will have its challenges. But with a Lintel Engineering Partnership, the solutions team is already in place. Shared knowledge –the team has lived the project since its inception– means the problem-solving starts right away.

The only real “surprise” is just how much value the Engineering Partnership adds to your global investment —and your company’s long-term success.


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At Lintel, the first step is always Think.

In today’s complex industrial environment, you’ve got to have a committed Engineering Partner. Lintel isn’t afraid of your budget or your deadline. We understand the stresses of building overseas. We’ll take on your world-class specs and exceed them. Customers love our end-product and come back to us time and time again.

Lintel’s success depends on yours. That means we think about the Engineering Partnership as seriously as you do. When you engineer with Lintel, you end up with a lot more than a physical plant. Design and construction are integrated as a result of real intelligence. Lintel intelligence. Your manufacturing space is not only the locus of flawless industrial production. It’s also a place that advances corporate goals, reduces turnover, enhances your image, maximizes resource investments and keeps an eye on your company’s future.

We think about:

The big picture

What experience has taught us: Is “tried-and-true” the solution, or is there a better, yet-to-be-invented way to engineer the project? What is the real corporate goal

The industrial environment

We’re talking global as well as local. What’s happening right this minute and what lies ahead in a year, or ten – or more.


You can’t jump to the finish line —but there are always deadlines. What steps do you take first, to maximize future flexibility? What are the critical deliverables of each phase? What are the risks inherent to an approach? Which systems are nimblest when it comes to inevitable complications and adjustments?

Everyone wants the lowest possible construction costs, but Lintel also looks at what happens after you flip the on switch. Is your site accessible to adequate resources, both physical and human? Have operating cost-control mechanisms been put in place? How does the design and build address rising fuel and resource costs?

Maintenance costs
While reviewing and specifying building materials, Lintel designers always keep an eye on long-term maintenance costs.

The space

How well the construction promotes both corporate goals and image. What it says to your customers and employees.

Lintel Intelligence: The tool no other construction company uses.


With “design-build” now the standard in industrial building, your project needs an edge: Lintel Design Intelligence. That means that where others design with what’s on hand, or expedient, Lintel designs in search of innovation and undiscovered efficiencies. And always with our eyes on the final client goal. We truly believe that focus is what motivates so many repeat customers.

It means innovation and new efficiencies are the baseline. Inventing new technologies and approaches are par for the course. And often enough, the Engineering Partnership ends up changing –and advancing– the standards of the entire industry.

You’ve identified your goals, and the standards they’ll have to meet. Everybody’s clear on budget and deadlines, and as usual, they’re tight. But your product can’t be produced in just any space. So how do you get from point A, or B, to Z? You’ve got to start right away, even though a lot may still be undetermined.

At Lintel, that’s not a problem. In fact, our biggest successes often emerge from times when clients arrive with fewer concrete ideas of how everything is going to work. Additionally, there’s no one way we like to work. So you’re never railroaded into a business-as-usual assembly line when it’s time to design. We respect your project’s complexity, aren’t intimidated by anyone’s standards and know how to get you the certification you need.

Lintel Design Intelligence is applied to your plant from the ground up: we design your facilities and their capacity; we design its efficiencies; and we guarantee its performance. We’re proud of our ISO 9000 certified procedures, a first for the building industry in Mexico, allowing us to meet and exceed the international standards our clients demand.

Lintel designs for every productivity spec, big or small:

  • From basic warehouses to Class 1000 cleanrooms –100 times cleaner than hospital operating rooms.
  • Foundation pouring for everything from a single column to 300-metric-ton machinery support.
  • Multi-story construction for high-vibration, heavy- load support and even explosion-proof environments.
  • Lighting levels, temperature, ventilation and humidity controls, suitable for even electronics and medical manufacture.
  • Electrical systems from basic 200 lux lighting installations to distribution systems and 115,000 volt, 20 MVA substations.
  • When necessary, we design the systems you need from scratch, but with no costly overkill.
  • Integrated teams and bottom-line pricing do away with estimate padding.
  • Lintel’s architectural and engineering design easily complies with globally recognized codes such as IBC, ANSI, ACI, and AISC, among others, and easily meets LEED sustainability criteria.
  • Lintel designs for easy insurability, partnering with underwriters for no-surprises due diligence. Impeccable safety design means the lowest possible premiums.
  • Lintel designs for flexibility, anticipating your changing business needs, and allowing for seamless expansions and easy reconfigurations.
  • Not least of all, only Lintel designs are as attractive to the eye as they are to the bottom line –enhancing your corporate image and supporting its philosophy.

Lintel Design Intelligence: The master plan for innovation, precision and sustainable success.


Building with Lintel Intelligence.

Time to build the space where your business will succeed. And with all that thinking and designing we did, it’s just a matter of connecting the dots, right? Well, not so fast. Building with Lintel is a lot more than grunt work and a ribbon-cutting. Just like with design, you’ve got to do it smart.

At Lintel, there’s heavy thinking behind that heavy lifting. If your plant succeeds, then we’ve succeeded too. That means staying committed to the very end –even after occupancy.

It’s time to make it happen.

When you build with Lintel intelligence, it means:

  • Impeccable output. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Perfect conditions for environmentally-friendly manufacturing, with low energy costs, excellent safety records, and nearby labor pools.
  • You’re building with some of the most experienced professionals in the business. In its over 35 years, Lintel has built over 30 million sq. ft. of high output, high performance production space.
  • You build with everything in its place. Take care of the materials on hand. Nothing gets wasted, and Lintel site-security standards are the tightest in the industry. You put stuff where it belongs the first time, so you don’t have to move it –or other work teams– three or four times to get the job done.
  • Neatness counts. Team A’s work doesn’t leave a mess for Team B. Finished tasks are clean and you move on without delay.
  • Safety is more than just a slogan. Experienced teams avoid bad habits and lazy thinking. They look out for one another –but stay out of each other’s way. Everybody’s got on their safety gear, period.
  • Enhanced corporate image and reduced turnover. Lintel buildings transmit your custom-designed corporate message to vendors, clients and employees. The staff wants to come to work. With as much transparency –or security– as you need, exactly where it needs to be.
  • Lintel takes ownership. Our commitment to the Engineering Partnership, and its safety record, means clients are never accountable for accidents or other setbacks on our watch. We stick to original budgets, never “nickel-and-diming” clients as the job progresses.


Lintel building: The brick and mortar of success.

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