Building in today’s industrial environment requires more than just a contractor.

Your environment is a lot more than four walls and a roof. It includes months, maybe years, of planning, plus massive capital investments. Complex systems will have to be discovered and implemented. The building must be a showroom to suppliers and customers. Resource – physical and human – are needed. And while it’s all happening in a new regional environment, the results have to be world class.

“With so much at stake, does it make sense to leave all that to just any contractor?”

Think, Design, Build…

Partner with Lintel on your next engineering project. Then let Lintel engineer an enduring partnership. Only Lintel brings experience, integrated teams, original solution and intelligence to the entire life of your global construction investment. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and the heavy thinking.

Meet and exceed your international specs. Lintel is your advocate in the local setting. Your Engineering Partner for something that’s yet to be designed. Engineer your space for extraordinary industrial success.

ISO 9000

Our quality systems—certified ISO 9001—provide a substantial advantage over competitors. The focus is strengthening each project’s key, critical processes, from design all the way to delivery.

Lintel cultivates continuous improvement. It means a unique plan for every project before one stone is turned. Quality systems meet or exceed occupational safety and environmental-protection standards.

Lintelligence is…

  • Construction Process Control: Quality checklists and superior oversight in every construction phase mean on-time and on-budget execution and completion.
  • Team Development: Teams undertake ongoing best-practices and technical training to exceed client expectations, time after time.

Developed Industrial Parks

Years Established


Customer Testimonials

“I have been following the progress of works in detail since groundbreaking and have been really impressed by your professionalism, performance and customer-orientation.”

“The result is breathtaking, and the new factory is a perfect starting point for our entry into the North America market.”

“You have delivered all the contractual agreements in time, cost and quality, and you have kept all your promises without a minor deviation. Even after the outbreak of the pandemic, Lintel stuck firmly to the completion of the project and assured continuation, communication and support.”

Peter Puschkarski


“The project requirements included a very aggressive fast track schedule and a tight budget. Despite numerous additional user requirements, the Lintel Team never wavered on the budget and schedule commitment.”

“The outcome of this project confirms both our decision to go with a Design/Build Delivery Method and, more importantly, the selection of the Lintel Team.”

John Musnicki

Project Manager (New Construction), MOTOROLA

“Many months ago, Bodycote had a decision to make on who we would contract our building needs with. Lintel was the
right choice. Lintel delivered the building ahead of schedule and the quality of the site is above our expectations.”

“The building is attractive and will help Bodycote present an image of excellence to our customers and the business community.”

Jeanne Clark

Financial and Business Advisor Americas, BODYCOTE

“The buildings that Lintel built for Johnson & Johnson were done with hard working and talented professionals that know their business. It is an honor and privilege to be associated with your company.”

Art Marquino

Project Manager, JOHNSON & JOHNSON

“As I’ve told you lately, you have no idea how terribly good you’ve been to Johnson & Johnson, and I thank all of Lintel for that.”
Tom Harwell

President of Mexico Operations for EES, JOHNSON & JOHNSON

“Last week we received an unexpected visit from our CEO (Bob Rossiter) and the worst comment he made on the building was that it was probably too beautiful. I had never heard such a praise before.”

“I do want to take this opportunity to thank the entire Lintel Team for such an excellent work. For you (Lintel) this was probably just another job with a satisfied client, but we truly want you to know just how much we appreciate the good job you did for us and your special attention to small details.”

Sergio Herrera

Director of Facilities and Real Estate, LEAR CORPORATION

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