Value-Improvement Practices – Lintel

Value-Improvement Practices


Lintel continuously enhances product quality and high-performance standards.

It means serious time and effort researching new materials, methods and equipment—as well as first-time testing in line with the Lintel way.

Lintel is both a builder and a developer. It means a big-picture approach that includes long-term cost-reduction and maximum-value options—and not just a race to the lowest possible bid.

Lintelligence drives innovation that introduced systems and approaches to Mexico that are now industry standard for light manufacturing, including super-flat floors, non-toxic gaseous-fire systems and innovations like tilt-up walls, roofing systems or temperature and humidity control systems for Class-1000 to -100,000 clean-rooms.

At Lintel, Value Engineering infuses the project’s every detail, decision and action.