Self-Perform Versus Subcontract – Lintel

Self-Perform Versus Subcontract


Like all major contractors in Mexico, Lintel partners with qualified third-parties to support specialized design, engineering and construction tasks.

Our stable of subcontractors includes multiple partners in each specialty. These well-trained, highly motivated experts have worked with Lintel for years, often decades. Solid relationships and constant communication means partners are thoroughly familiar with Lintel policies and best practices—especially when it comes to client service and responses.

Subcontractors tender bids according to two basic protocols:

On repetitive tasks (masonry, painting, paving, etc.) we negotiate prices applied to all new jobs.

Other, not-so-easily defined tasks (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection systems, etc.) mean subcontractors partner directly with Lintel on preconstruction services. They form part of the team that defines basic concepts including initial timing and cost-estimates. The outcome is a preliminary price, subject to adjustment as work progresses, that ultimately becomes a final provider bid.

Almost all our subcontractors work with us exclusively. It fosters real commitment to Lintel quality-, scheduling- and cost requirements. The approach leverages every advantage of controlled performance as well as the flexibility that comes from subcontracting.