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Lintelligence for Design-Build in Mexico


Lintel is a Design-Build firm. Almost everything we do adopts the Design-Build approach, whose goal is providing a single source for designing, engineering, and constructing almost any facility of any size. In everything we do, Lintel is the sole source of accountability.

We partner with clients to develop guidelines and specifications—always in consultation with client representatives and consultants—to assure proper functionability as we evaluate both availability and alternatives when it comes to equipment, materials and skilled labor in Mexico. Value engineering supports every aspect of every constructed site.

When you partner with Lintel, you’ll quickly understand the Design-Build advantage. Lintelligence means teaming up with an experienced industry leader that knows Mexico (as well as the region where you’ll build). From day one, you minimize surprises, pin down costs—early on—and eliminate costs from the entire process, all the while reducing total project timing.