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Unique, Value-Added Services You Won’t Find Everywhere


Maybe the best part of Lintelligence is its unique understanding of the challenges and advantages of building in Mexico. Mexico is our home but our “local” expertise includes vast knowledge of US markets. That know-how means seamless navigation through legal requirements and codes, labor and materials, suppliers, distribution channels, climate, and even simple translation issues.

Lintel excels in recognizing what’s best to acquire and import from the United States—and what you need to buy in Mexico. Our on-border, Ciudad Juárez headquarters is a prime vantage point  for monitoring by-country pricing dynamics; we’re ready to respond immediately.

Lintel offers unmatched Mexico experience for companies from all over the world. Our commitment is to client success—not just client building. A single Lintel contract that streamlines the design and construction processes is the single most important client benefit. Full-service, finely executed in-house design-build teamwork is what Lintelligence is all about.