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Delivering the Best

For over thirty years, LINTEL has designed and constructed highly functional, award-winning light industrial facilities throughout Mexico.

Experience, reliability, and dedication are the dynamic elements that allow LINTEL engineers, designers, and architects to deliver the best construction value for the investment dollar — on every assignment. From the smallest manufacturing facility to major industrial installations, clean room operations, warehousing complexes, office buildings, and commercial developments, LINTEL will give that project incomparable attention to detail and be fully accountable for successful results. That’s the LINTEL way of doing business.

The Design-Build Method

LINTEL can provide complete design services and perform construction, all under a single contract. This coordinated process makes LINTEL the sole source of accountability for the project and allows a streamlined approach to design and construction. The result is enhanced quality control, greater cost effectiveness, and reduced time for project completion.


Our Services

LINTEL and its affiliated companies have designed and built a wide variety of projects with diverse – and often unique – characteristics. These projects total more than 260 facilities with a total constructed area of over 2.5 million square meters.


Typically, the work done by LINTEL on each project includes the following:


* Lintel works with each client to clearly and precisely define the scope and requirements of its project. Starting from the client’s basic information, it prepares detailed drawings and specifications that are periodically reviewed with its representatives to insure proper interpretation of its needs; presents information on local availability of materials, equipment and skills, for the client to make the adequate decision in each instance; proposes alternate design solutions to solve specific situations; and analyzes cost-benefit alternatives for different construction elements.

* As needed, Lintel’s representatives will travel to visit client’s existing installations in order to better interpret its requirements.

* Design work is prepared and certified by authorized professional engineers, thus assuring that it complies with all applicable ordinances and regulations and that all permits and licenses for the construction work will be timely granted by the corresponding government agencies. When appropriate, not only local, but also United States codes are complied with.

* The final result of this work is a complete, detailed set of drawings and specifications which is complemented at the end of the work with a set of as-built drawings.

* A detailed time schedule for the project is developed as part of the design and engineering work, to give the client not only a precise idea of when the facility will be ready, but also the elements to properly review and supervise the performance of the work.


* The typical construction agreement entered into between Lintel and its clients is a lump sum, fixed cost contract, whereby the contractor is fully responsible for all aspects of design and construction work and the Owner is guaranteed to be free and harmless from any claims or liabilities resulting from the job. The contractor hires labor, retains subcontractors, purchases materials, tools and equipment and supplies all other necessary elements of the job at its own risk and expense, to deliver the
finished work to the Owner at the agreed-on price.

* All necessary permits and licenses, as well as comprehensive risk and liability insurance, are obtained by Lintel as part of the cost of the job.

* Lintel, as general contractor, coordinates and supervises all subcontractors and vendors to assure that the specifications approved by the client are strictly complied with; that the different elements of the job are properly integrated and function as a complete system; that all phases are adequately scheduled so that the completion of the total project is achieved on time; and that all items of equipment are tested and put in operation before delivery to the client.

* As a minimum, one full time superintendent is kept at each job to act as the general contractor’s field representative and assure that there is adequate supervision of the work.

* Regardless of how complete or thorough the design work may be, Lintel understands that design changes are a normal part of any project if the client is to have maximum flexibility. Accordingly, it works with clients’ representatives in evaluating change requests, preparing drawings and estimates of requested changes and submitting change bulletins for the Owner’s approval to implement each required change order.


As part of its expansion process towards Central Mexico, Lintel through its affiliated companies has developed and built more than 2,400-hectares of industrial parks, including:

• Las Colinas Industrial Park in Silao, Guanajuato
• Las Colinas Industrial Park in Silao, Guanajuato
• Santa Fe I thru Sante Fe IV Industrial Parks (a total of four developments inside the Guanajuato Inland Port, also located in Silao, Guanajuato)
• Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi
• Colinas de Leon Industrial Park in León, Guanajuato
• Colinas de Lagos Industrial Park in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco
• Colinas del Rincón Industrial Park in San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato, just a short drive from León
• The newly developed Colinas de Apaseo Industrial Park in Apaseo El Grande, Guanajuato, a few kilometers from the city of Querétaro

These developments are all located in an emerging industrial zone known as Bajío corridor, in one of the most dynamic and populated areas in the country.  Many prestigious corporations have chosen to have operations in the area including Lear, Getrag, Pirelli, American Axle, Faurecia, Bodycote, Continental Teves, Oshkosh, Magna, Keihin, Denso, Bader, Schreiber, Koito, Toyota Tsusho, and Omron, among many others.

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